Meet the CFSI Team!


Frank Taylor serves as President of both CFSI and ACMC. Frank is a lifetime resident of the Spokane area and has spent many years in retail sales, aircraft maintenance, and public utilities. In 2004 Frank founded his own mortgage brokerage and moved his business to ACMC when it was purchased by CFSI in 2004. Currently filling the role of Acceptance Capital's president, Frank is also a part of the Acceptance Capital Home Branch Retail Center, broker of record in multiple states, and a major investor in CFSI.  

Allen Ringer

As a major beneficial shareholder of Complete Financial Solutions, Inc., Allen continues to act as a senior (age 72) advisor to Complete, Acceptance Capital Mortgage Corporation and AlliancePro Processing with the latter two being wholly owned subsidiaries of Complete. Allen is currently (2012) assisting Complete in its efforts starting up its third subsidiary, Insurance Solutions, Inc., and has near term plans to start a forth subsidiary later in 2012 to be named AccountingPlus Solutions, Inc.

Founder, President, CEO and Director of Complete Financial Solutions, Inc.
113 E Magnesium Rd, Unit D, Spokane, WA 99208
Allen’s experience includes working with companies to get their shares listed to trade in the public markets and Allen was the driving force to get Complete’s common shares to trade in the public market in January 2007. Allen negotiated the purchase of Acceptance Capital Mortgage Corporation in February 2007. As a wholly owned subsidiary of Complete, Acceptance Capital Mortgage Corporation joined AlliancePro Processing (formerly Mtg Processor Plus/MIPPI) as a full sister company.

Founder, President and CEO of (formerly Mtg Processor Plus)
12420 N Ruby Rd, Bldg. 1B, Spokane, WA 99218
MiPPi was a nationwide contract loan processing firm featuring proprietary software developed in house. The software allows MiPPi to contract experienced processors who work from a home office while appearing to the group of people allowed to view the status of loans being processed as if all were in the same office. MiPPi is a predecessor company to AlliancePro.

Founder, CEO, Director
Lion, Inc. (Lenders Interactive Online Network)
4700 42nd Ave SW, #430, Seattle, WA 98116
Lion Inc. (formerly Plenum Communications, Inc.) was an internet-based provider of wholesale mortgage information. Lion was the largest Mortgage Lender rate and fee database in the US with 6,000 paying subscribers and 90,000 Realtor websites utilizing a free service offered. Data was provided to Mortgage Broker customers in a searchable format. Lion Inc. was an SEC reporting company whose shares traded in the public market.

Management & Staff


Angela Cheatham serves as Training Coordinator of ACMC. Starting with the company 5 years ago as a Loan Processor, Angela quickly progressed in to sales as a licensed Loan Originator, then Branch Manager, and moved into Underwriting. Recently, the company relies on Angela’s vast knowledge of the company’s best practices, available loan programs and lenders, and loan origination software, to guide and educate new and existing employees. Her sweet southern charm takes the pressure out of any complex assignment!

Jennifer Pierce serves as Branch Services Coordinator of ACMC. Ms. Pierce has previous experience in wholesale and retail mortgage loan processing and closing. Ms. Pierce started her career with AlliancePro and its predecessors 13 years ago. While advancing throughout this time, Jennifer now assists in unifying company policies encompassing organization of the processing and origination components of ACMC in the Compliance, Training, and Licensing Departments.

Shadda Lee serves in the Origination Department as Lender Coordinator.  She makes sure each branch has what they need to conduct business.  Shadda has over ten years with the Company and its subsidiaries with most of that in the closing department.

Tony Baker serves as Loan Consultant in our Home Branch office in Spokane. An accomplished Loan Originator with several years experience and licensed in a number of states, Tony brings a knowledgeable and professional approach to serving our customers.


Sam Ringer serves as the accounting manager of the accounting department. He develops the systems and processes for managing the accounting functions in the business as well as performing the processes for creating the financial reports and other reporting requirements of the company. He is 55 years old and has experience in accounting and software engineering. 

Kris Wieber serves as Payroll Processing Coordinator. She has been with the company since its inception and has filled many roles with ACMC and AlliancePro. Kris has many years of experience in diverse entrepreneurial business and makes difficult tasks seem easy and run smoothly. Never angry, always steady, and Kris makes everyone she interfaces with look good.